Monday, November 11, 2013

Sure is purty outside!


mdr said...

Very very beautiful.
Please place a bowl of water, if no humidifier, in front of your heater. Good for respitory system and skin.

Sometimes it gets pretty hard to prove I am not a robot below :)

Rena said...

Very beautiful! Seems like the snow is not as thickly piled as in previous years around this time?
The color of that sky is amazing.
I agree with Mudder - my eyes are not so great deciphering the word puzzles. But without such a gateway, I imagine you would get a lot of spam.
Imagine you are making elaborate plans for Thanksgiving with all your friends up there? This year I would like to make sticky rice - I have a good recipe, haven't made it in years. mmmm...

Arvay said...

I did get a lot of spam! And I'm not even Hawaiian!