Sunday, November 24, 2013

Niece Week

Now that I am more in control of my own schedule, I need to see my niece more often.

Cool new games I introduced to niece (though they didn't catch on so well):

1) The We Put Away Toys Before Taking Out More Toys Game (Catchy acronym: WPATBTOMT; Neither her mommy nor her daddy is particularly good at this, so I felt the need to stage an intervention.).

2) The StraightJacket Game--Aunty plays straightjacket while baby girl gets her teeth brushed, clothes changed, etc. Particularly unpopular. Response: "NNNOOOOOO! I don't LIIIIIIKE Straightjacket!!"

Here we are in a calmer moment. You don't get to see her face because under 18-year-olds get free privacy protection on this blog.

One day I informed her that she was a little beast. The following morning, she came capering into my room. "Good morning, Aunty Arvay! I'm a little beast!"


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mdr said...

The little beast really loves auntie A with her little soft heart.