Saturday, January 18, 2014


I thought I'd expand my horizons today by skiing down some new trails I'd never skied before. I put the girls in their harnesses and packed my skijor belt and lines, just in case I got lost and needed them to take me home, or I ran into a trap line and needed them to be hooked up.

The sun is rising higher nowadays, high enough to ignite and burn yellow instead of remaining pink/orange:

Happy little goober:

Lovely Miss 'Tumn:

We were the first to make tracks on this trail since the last snow dump:

The end! Some trails just peter out:

There were some burned trees and some very young ones. This was a recent burn area:

Our next exploration involved lots of hills:

I am getting more confident on them. Autumn and Linden sprint to the bottom and then dance encouragement for me to come down.

A pretty spot on the trail:

Happy girls!

Three hours later, sunset:

Fresh littlebunny tracks, and old bigbunny tracks:

"littlebunny" and "bigbunny" are technical biological Alaskan terms!

And of course, when we get home, we cuddle:


gina said...

At the end of a fun day....happy mom and happy girls ! Nice pictures.

mdr said...

Be safe and alert, especially being the first on the trail.

RETA said...

Beautiful blogspot! Wonderful photos. You live in a great place. Some people only see concrete all day. You are fortunate to be out in the wild. Take care.


DJC said...

Great trail photos, thanks for sharing them.