Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miss Arvay goes to school

The other day, I went to the UAF convenience store and purchased the following fancy-pants items for my new professorial office:
Proper German-made pencil sharpener
Proper German-made eraser
A pad of geek paper

The clerk, a pleasant young fellow who had just shaved for the first time, looked at these items, looked at me, and said, "Good luck this semester! I'm sure you'll be a great engineer!"


mdr said...

Aren't they supplying those to professors? I found them all in my office before, although all US made, but I saved my hard earned money.

Who would guess my Arvey is a professor instead of student :)

Arvay said...

No, they supply mechanical pencils. I like wooden ones. I save my hard-earned money, too, for things that are important to me. Like good erasers. :)

Vanessa said...

Dr. Arvay, I too love a good eraser. Call me crazy, there is something about the feel and smell of it that makes erasing ok.