Monday, January 6, 2014

I have an announcement

So five minutes ago, I signed this piece of paper. With that, I'm a tenure-track faculty, 50% teaching Mechanical Engineering department courses and 50% continuing awesome renewable energy research at The Alaska Center for Energy and Power. New year, new job!

I don't feel half so dignified as my new letters and title suggest. I'm still thinking, "Holy crap! I got a PhD!" and now I have to add, "Holy crappola! I'm a professor!" and "Am I now going to have to quit wearing a hot pink jacket and moose mittens?" and "Am I going to magically stop dripping peanut butter on my scarf?" And I'm thinking, no. No to both of those last questions. But that's okay! Everyone has their own path, and I have moose mittens and peanut butter on mine!


Here is Mount Hayes, looking particularly lovely as she puts on her evening attire:

And here are the girls on the couch.

"You may hug moi."

"You may cuddle moi, aussi."


M.E. Masterson said...

Congrats!!! Savor this moment in time Dr.!

Anonymous said...

Goody! Oh, and congratulations!
I was afraid the announcement was going to be about an iiminent move to California or some other place. Looking forward to Reading about you and your Girls in the Tanana for a long time.

Vanessa said...

Congrats! Would be fun to sit in on your lecture...

Love cuddly fuzzies.

Rena said...

Congratulations! And now that you're a professor, you mustn't stop doing wacky things like wearing moose mittens or dripping food on your front. As a matter of fact, now you have to be even MORE eccentric. Get yourself tangled in the windowshade pull-cord, stop matching your socks so that you can see probability and test random selection. Be sure to start speaking in sentence fragments while studying the ceiling tiles. (all real-life people right there, btw)

So as a tenure-track prof, you're going to be doing lots of research and producing papers and continuing to attend conferences, yes? Here's hoping your fellow engineering dept faculty are good people and that the dept isn't too fraught with politics (always a danger, I hear).

Goodie goodie, big changes! Do you have to move offices AGAIN?

mdr said...

Hope you are happy with whatever you are working at.

mdr said...

Hope you are happy with anything you chose to work with.

obifolder said...


gina said...

Your girls don't look very impressed with the new title....but Congratulations anyway !