Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vet check time!

Today the girls went for their annual exam. I knew that they were due for rabies shots (every three years) and could not help but be delighted when I recalled how, three years prior, I had thought it would be the last one. But the girls have made it to their fifteenth year!

The girls are not afraid of the vet and treat it like any other place. In other words, like they own it. Of course they do. :)

This is the office cat, who has, you will observe, pink jellybean toesies:

The good Dr. F was very impressed with the girls and said that he'd never guess that they are 14.5 years old! He patted Autumn's belly and said, "This dog is in amazing shape! These abs!"

The rest of the day will be another stressful day in the office for the hard-working ladies!

Poor hard-working ladies. I'd better buy them ice cream cones. :)

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Allmycke said...

I wish I could bring Loki to work. He'd be a hit with a majority of the students - but alas...