Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking forward to teaching again in the fall

This is my favorite part:


Rena said...

Monday morning staff mtgs? Brutal!
I do love mornings, though.
So when do classes start in the fall? Will you be moving offices agaaaain? When do you figure out which courses you're teaching? Are you doing all undergrad courses? Or will you be working with some grad students? I think academia's pretty durn cool, but have no idea how it works. Am looking forward to reading some good stories from you, though...

oooo, exciting!

Arvay said...

September; no; I have a course for Fall already decided, but will work out my course loads for later; only one undergrad course for now (my course load will be one class per semester); no grad students yet, but eventually; and I've just arranged to take two weeks off this summer without pay! :~D