Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall falls on Murphy Dome

Here are photos from a quick (half-day) hike on Murphy Dome last weekend.

Denali was visible:

And I saw my first sheets of ice on puddles:

The Alaska Range hung in the distance:


The cranberries were ready!

The hugest and most tidy rock cairns I have ever seen!

Gweedy dogs hoping for cheese!


Look they hold paws! Awww!

One lone tree:


mdr said...

Starbuck doesn't look like any sleigh dog.

Arvay said...

Starbuck looks very much like a tiny black wolf, right down to her white markings and her yellow eyes! But she is not a wolf... she is very domesticated and people-oriented. :)

mdr said...

No more mosquitos to bite my daughter :)