Thursday, September 4, 2014

Notes from here and there

1) Fall is here in earnest. Over the weekend, we had temperatures drop below freezing for the first time this season:

So I cut all of the stalks from the rhubarb:

And made a blueberry-crowberry-rhubarb pie:

2) Dogs are cute when they take naps, which is pretty much all the time:

3) I finally decided to tackle the spruce tree that came down during last fall's wind storm. I limbed it last weekend:

Tree selfie!

Now it's all ready to be cut up!

4) Last weekend, we hiked Donnelly Dome:

It was a beautiful, clear day, and we could see the Alaska Range the entire time:

Autumn and Linden resting partway up:

And Starbuck:

DL taking in the view:


Starbuckeroo loves to be held and petted:

All three ladies looking gooberdy:

Autumn and Linden are very good at posing in picturesque spots!

Starbuck selfie!

Starbuck and Goober:

5) Veggies for the week:

6) Here is a fatticle chubbylicious wee rotund behbeh pygmy hippo.

photo credit: Parken Zoo/Facebook


mdr said...

Veggies are lesser and lesser. Hope Freddy is doing better.

Arvay said...

Lesser and lesser of other things, but now I have a ten-gallon bag of kale to contend with...

Rena said...

Kale kraut. Also we are loving green pancakes over here. Whizz a giant bunch of greens (including whatever herbs you have on hand) in a cuisinart, along with a splash of milk, a few eggs. Stir in a cup or less of flour, and a good helping of chopped cheese that will melt and turn crusty. I add plenty of salt, a good spoonful of cumin, paprika, tumeric, sometimes just cut straight to the curry powder. Lately I've also added a lot of frozen corn. Fry in a skillet just like sweet pancakes. Dress with lemon and/or hot sauce. The barbarians eat them like they're going out of style.

bt said...

Behbeh hippo!

Arvay said...

@Rena, that sounds tasty! Thanks!

Debs said...

Nice hippo & lovely views. I really, really want to visit Alaska and your pictures are doing nothing to stop me wanting to...

Arvay said...

You should come, Debs! BTW, the hippo link was sent to me by a *very* treasured friend. ;)

Debs said...

:-) I will visit one day!