Friday, August 29, 2014

Weather shenanigans

Minor News sez., "It's official: 2014 wettest summer in a century in Fairbanks"

In other news, the Richardson Highway is gorgeous, rain or shine:

Linden LOVES road trips. The other dogs go to sleep; she sits up and smiles out the window.

A pack of wolves!

Summit Lake:

Termination dust! August snow, y'all!

WOLF drinking!

Black wolf at Paxson Lake!

It is my sincere hope that this photo goes viral, without any attribution or explanation. Panic! Human-acclimated wolves at Paxson Lake! Then it shows up on snopes with the explanation, "This 'wolf" is a dog called Starbuck."


gina said...

Gorgeous pictures!

M.E. Masterson said...

Post it to facebook where everything goes... whether its true or false! definitely if it goes viral...