Sunday, August 3, 2014

Arvada Dog Park

A week into our Colorado stay, I grew tired of being dragged mercilessly around by the girls and located an off-leash dog park. From my understanding, Alaska has leash laws that are theoretically as strict as Colorado's, but they are never enforced. Imagine my surprise to find strict enforcement in Colorado, including even the strange sight of people leashing their dogs to walk them ten feet into their front yards to pee. The leash situation was exceptionally difficult for us since Autumn and Linden loooooove to meet other dogs, and get quite upset when both they and the other dogs are leashed. They start straining and barking, and the other person then reasonably concludes that my girls are aggressive, and then I get embarrassed to be the "owner of mean dogs" even though all they want is to sniff the other dogs' butts! I've heard that when one dog is leashed and the other isn't, the leashed dog feels threatened, and the meeting goes worse. But in our case, even if the girls are leashed, we're much happier if the strange dog is free, so it'll come over and we can properly meet it. :)

Anyway, at the off-leash dog park, we have no such problems. Both humans and dogs are much friendlier! It's not gross, muddy, and poopy the way most urban dog parks are. It's a really nice place, with a nice network of walking trails. A creek runs through it, which delights the retrievers. Autumn and Linden have no such interest and walk daintily across the bridge.

From the top of the ridge, you can see the Wind Test Site!

On weekends, I got up at the same time as on weekends (5), so we could get a good two hours of walking in before temperatures rose above 80F/27C. At 6 a.m., there would already be a dozen or so other people with the same idea!

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