Monday, August 18, 2014

Dogs are very good at taking naps.

Autumn sez, "I gots my bone, and I am on my cowsch."

"My minions stay on the floor."

Napping in the sunshine on top of Murphy Dome:

Autumn looking impossibly sweet on top of Murphy Dome:

Four! Four fuzzies in one photo! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

Linden looking gooberdy even in her sleep:

Autumn again because OMG how cute is she???

Starbuck in bliss:

Starbuck selfie!!



gina said...

A perfect day of solar recharging !

mdr said...

Where is the beautiful yellow curtain?

Arvay said...

@gina, great phrase! Solar recharging!

@mdr, I still have my curtains. But there are no photos here of the windows, so I'm not sure why you ask?

mdr said...

Your curtains are beautiful, glad you still have them.

Arvay said...

Thanks, Mdr; they were expensive in more ways than one--expensive material, and a lot of manual hemming with no sewing machine!