Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cray Zee!

So back when I first entertained the notion of adopting a third dog, I fell in love with a boy whose photo and profile were featured on a dog rescue website. He was in Anchorage, but had been fostered by the kennel where my girls stay when I travel, so I called them up and asked their opinion. They said that he was a nice, gentle guy who would get along great with Autumn and Linden and me! I contacted his rescue organization, and they sent me an application. After I filled it out, I was tentatively approved (the only sticking point was that I do not have a fenced yard, even though I never leave dogs outside unsupervised), and I was only waiting to hear back when I could bring my little family down to Anchorage to meet him! I was very excited, but one day when I emailed to follow up, I was informed that they had adopted him out locally! I was very disappointed, and a little annoyed! But I soon found our Starbuckeroo, who has since fit in perfectly as one of the World's Most Perfect Dogs, and quickly forgot about him.

However, today I learned that on July 4th, he was startled by the fireworks and ran off on his new owner! He was found the next day, dehydrated and unresponsive, due to unknown causes. Had he been hit by a car? Met some mean person? Who knows? Anyway, he was brought to the emergency vet, and apparently gradually healed up. The family solicited $3600 for his care and received $4000, and they also made subsequent internet posts that he was released from the vet and went home, so I'm assuming he's okay now.

I can't help but think, Thank God I got Starbuck instead of this bit of trouble! I feel bad for the guy and his new family, and don't want to indulge in schadenfreude, but instead of sweet Starbuckeroo, who takes loud noises in stride, I could have gotten this gun-shy guy and his $3600 vet bill! He was missing one eye, too. So the way I see it, Starbuck not only was $3600 cheaper but came with an extra eye (buy one, get one free!). :)

Then (of course!), I could not help but google the name of his adopter (who was she, anyway, whom the rescue deigned to meet and let have him??), and learned that within a few days of her adopting the dog, her brother died suddenly at the age of 26! Holy crap, that poor lady! It just goes to show that there is no point in ever envying anyone, because you have no idea what their stories are!


mdr said...

Proven again the Chinese old Lost Horse story.

Rena said...

Mudder's comment prompted me to google "chinese lost horse story", which is a great fable. Thanks, Mudder!
So from that lesson I now know not to congratulate you for your patience and adoption of Starbuck, nor to scold you for passing up the Anchorage dog and adopting Starbuck.
I think it's very common for dogs to be scared by loud noises. Have seen many dogs jump the fence on the 4th. Glad your doggies are unflappable...much like their human.

mdr said...

Thanks Rena, you are right.

Chinese belief -- Bad things might have some good factors in it and good things might have some bad factors in it.

Nothing is absolutely absolute.