Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Annual blueberry trip to the White Mountains!

Last weekend, DL, M, K, M2, and four dogs and I headed out to the White Mountains for a blueberry picking trip. DL and I got six quarts... not too shabby.

DL consulting Autumn while packing:

This is Lee's Cabin:

DL enjoying the sun:

As the dogs do similarly:

Starbuck sez, "Life is a long road, which is best traversed wi--A SQUIRREL! Oh hey CHEESE!!! CAN I HAVE CHEESE?!?"

Nice view, eh?

We were awoken at around 3 a.m. by a yipping, howling dog team, and come outside to watch our first aurora of the season!

The gracious ladies check out the interior:

And of course, 1:1 ratio of blueberries to oatmeal at breakfast the next morning!

Autumn and DL snuggling when we get home:

Two bees on campus, one fuzzy and one nonfuzzy:


mdr said...

best blueberries, real organic.

mdr said...

One is wasp, the other is bee