Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All the photos from our epic weekend adventure!!

Last weekend, DL and I hiked to Tolovana Hot Springs. The hike is pretty brutal, especially with a full pack--ten miles total, and starting at 2000 feet, dropping to 850, climbing again to 2120, and finally descending to the hot springs, at 1000 feet. We had a pleasant and relaxing weekend, sleeping in, soaking in the hot springs while enjoying meteors and the aurora, taking silent walks through the woods, and enjoying clear views to Minto Flats and the Alaska Range.

Here are photos is the one photo we took:



mdr said...

Love to see you and know you had a good weekend.

Rena said...

You took ONE photo??? Pfffft. Time to teach the doggies how to use the camera!
Sounds wonderful, and glad that you are having a wonderful time all together.

Arvay said...

@mdr, thank you!

@Rena, yeah, the photo/weight ratio hardly seems worth it, does it? :)

mdr said...

Spiders lay large amount of eggs (hundreds). I saw those at the Mhs entrance, not a pleasant sight.