Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mystery for you people

As far as google and I know, spiders cannot shoot web filaments.

And yet, this occurred this morning chez moi:

Can any of my nine loyal readers explain?


Debs said...

I think it's "bridging" - spiders create a long bit of web and let it blow in (even a very slight) breeze until it attaches somewhere. They construct their webs under this first line.


mdr said...

I would get rid of it because I don't want it to lay spider eggs.

Arvay said...

Cool link, Debs. I wonder what sort of breeze it got in my cabin though!

Debs said...

You probably created a mini breeze just by walking by :-)

Arvay said...

@Debs, good point. The observer affects the observed. :)

mdr said...

Spiders lay so many eggs that you won't believe. I saw it in front of Mhs entrance.