Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finally on the trails!

There is not enough snow to ski, but it's frozen enough to cross Rosie Creek and let the dogs run leash-free!

Happy Starbuckerooooooooo!

And the genteel old ladies explore the forest:

Lowbush cranberries, once frozen and thawed, explode when critters eat them!

Huge moosey-tracks!

The ridgetop! We had not seen this since last spring!

In other news, Starbuck has gone full-on couchal:

She has even selected a pillow for herself, just like the gracious ladies do:

And she snuggles with me!

And she snuggles with DL!


gina said...

The fuzzy ladies seem to perk up in the snow! I didn't realize moose had such big hooves, wow.

mdr said...

Was last weekend busy? Hope all has been well and enjoying the winter.