Thursday, February 26, 2015

Linden's stitches come out tomorrow! (warning: photos of incisions)

Today is Day 14, so I took the girls on a several-mile off-leash trail run this morning. Linden's first time off-leash since surgery! It was glorious... she bounded around with a big ol' smile on her face!

Only one more day and one more night of the cone!

The incisions are healing up nicely. Here are photos from two days ago. They are even more healed today.

The benign tumor removal from the belleh:

The extra incisions, which the vet had to cut to relieve tension (ouch!):

The incision from the bad tumor removal:

A mama moose who's been bedding down with her calf in our yard:

She and her behbehmoose sleep in the *exact* same position--on their right side, with their heads folded over to use their own left shoulder as a pillow. I am amazed that meese are so flexible!

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Rena said...

You did not mention the results of the biopsies. So I will expect the best but prepare for the worst.
I am glad she is finally off the leash - that must be a huge relief for the both of you!