Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trying to hold the tide...

... that's what it's like trying to get huskies to "rest"! Autumn is supposed to be resting for 7 days, Linden for 14, post surgery. However, I learned when I had them spayed 7 years ago that it wouldn't be easy. For one thing, neither of them will poop in our yard. They won't poop until we've walked at least half a mile. Also, they hate the short walks and are reluctant to turn around! I also find that they have an abundance of energy, bouncing here and there and straining at their leashes! Well, this weekend, we'll see if we can sneak out with just Autumn and Starbuck for a long ski and leave the Goober on the couch.

No results from the biopsies yet, but here are photos.

"I would prefer not to wear this cone, but I don't really put up too much of a fuss."

"Without the cone, all three of us fit on the couch!"

"I'm still awfully cute!"

It's difficult for me to imagine Linden having cancer in her body, since she's still bouncing around like a baby goat! However, when I change the dressing on her leg, it's pretty obvious how alarmed the vet was. There are exploratory incisions halfway up her forearm. :( Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive prognosis for my bouncy little puppy/old lady! :)


Rena said...

Well, I hope she keeps on bouncin and being happy for a lot longer, but this is all pretty worrisome. Dear dawgs, you have a good human there (well,two humans!). You've been very kind to her and I hope you continue to protect and care for her for many more years to come.
The good Lord knows that this blog is all doggie doggie dog dog, chop wood, more doggie doggie couch dog. And us readers wouldn't have it any other way!

mdr said...

Yes, Rena spoke it all. Still try to have a good weekend and hope for the best.