Thursday, May 28, 2015


I insist that you look at the video here on this article discussing the spring goings-on at the Alaska Conservation Center. Behbeh moxen! Wobbly knobby-kneed behbeh moosage!

I read that article and of course, down the rabbit hole I went. Sarah Howard, the behbeh orphan caretaker at the wildlife rescue station, apparently has also escorted a wolverine named Kasper from New Jersey to Alaska. The very end of the article casually states, "He expects Kasper and the [already resident] female wolverine to mate. He said the wildlife center has hired a professional trainer to teach the offspring to do search and rescue for buried avalanche victims."

What the WHAT? Wolverine avalanche rescue is a thing? I think if I were buried in an avalanche and got dug out by a wolverine, my assumption would be that he had dug me out to eat me!

Turns out, this is a real thing:

Wolverine rescue! Whoda thunk?


mdr said...

What would happen if there was no special tie between Casper and the snow buried guy?

bt said...

I had no idea! I thought Wolverines were quite vicious.