Thursday, May 21, 2015

First official hike of summer

Last Saturday, M and I took a girls' hike. The weather has been very warm, especially for May. It has hit 80F/26C every day since the weekend.

The trail was mostly dry, which is unusual for early May:

A few bluebells had already opened:

Nia smiling!

Booger matching her!

Dowgs chillin in the forest:

These lovely things are apparently called Calypso Orchids.

M pointed out the three pretty blooms to me, and I squatted down to take a photo. Autumn decided that surely I was squatting down to pet her, and flopped down right there... thankfully, she only flattened one of them!

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Rena said...

Your forecast looks HOT up there. Do you even own any shorts? Oh my goodness the poor doggies. Here's hoping you stay cool this week and the skeeters aren't too bad.