Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Scenes from Chez Nous

Starbuck sez, "Dis my Greenie, and I eats it on my couch."

Last weekend, it was hot:

And the rhubarb appeared:

And Autumn dumped her under coat:

And lounged on the couch:

Sometimes there are no words:

Ssssiiiiigh. That faaaaaaaace:

And I made blueberry peach crumble:

(Me to DL: "I'm trying to encourage you to come berry picking with me." DL: "I already like berry picking with you!")


e. davis said...

Mlle Autumn- wise, soulful, serene and then there's Mlle Starbuck- sweet Goober#2 :)

BTW-love DL's comment & your crumble looks absolutely scrumptious-yummmm!

Arvay said...

@e. davis, thank you for those excellent descriptions of my fuzzies. :)

e. davis said...

Thank you so much for sharing them & your Alaska with us - your loyal readers:)