Monday, November 30, 2015

All the warm fuzzies!

Our Thanksgiving started with an ever-so-brief morning walk. We only had 1 hour between sunrise and when our ham had to go into the oven!

The early light was flat:

Fresh snow made for tail wagging!

And a bouncing Booger!

The leaders led the way:

It had been so warm that there was liquid water and overflow on a beaver pond that is normally frozen and part of the trail. Starbuck ran ahead to check it out.

"Liquid water? Rrrroooo?"

"No, thank you!"

"Wow; what was that?"

While the ham was in the oven, Charcoal came to visit:

DL gave him belly rubs. He is... not dignified.

You can see Starbuck's contempt in this photo:

But Starbuck likes him, in spite of herself. At one point, he ran off from the house, down to the ski trail all by himself! But Starbuck ran after him and brought him back. Good Starbuckeroo!

He's a handsome guy, when he calms down:

Then Nia came by with her parents, who joined us for Thanksgiving at the Bs' home across the road. Isn't she sweet?

Prep work and carving!

DB used to make pies in a café, so she whips out fancy pies like it's nobody's business:

After Thanksgiving lunch, we headed back across the road, and I proceeded to make my pie for the annual pie contest at CA's:

It's cranberry-apple!

And I won!

(photo by KM)

Although the field was a bit narrower this year, with only seven entrants:

Then we went home and cuddled some more:

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Here is a warm fuzzy story for you:
Pope Francis visits mosque in war-torn Bangui, calling for end to conflict "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters," he said, his voice booming from an speaker to the crowd overflowing from the mosque. “We must therefore consider ourselves and conduct ourselves as such."


mdr said...

Although we cannot taste your pie, it does look good, better and best, as years go by.

Hope to have a chance to taste your pie some day.

Have a safe and healthy winter.

B said...

did you have ham instead of turkey?

e. davis said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and pups. Congrats on winning the pie contest too, it looked delish & probably tasted even better:)

Arvay said...

@B, what do you mean by, "instead of"? :)