Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Last night as I was leaving the office, there was a giant owl on the light post outside. I called several coworkers who were still inside. "ZOMGZ AN OWL, Y'ALL!" to which they replied, "Ohhh kaaaaay...?" Pretty much no one shared my excitement, but here is a crappy photo.

I think he is a Great Horned Owl, like I saw in my own yard a few years ago.

Anyway, then on my way home, I stopped by Alaska Feed for dog food and honey and there was a Bernese Mountain Pup inside, and he was CRAZY CUTE, but I did not bother to call the office to report. That'll show them.


mdr said...

Please keep a distance to ALL wild animals. Paul was once staring at a wild bat in the east coast and he felt some drips on his eyelid( later they thought it might be the bat's urine). He immediately rinsed his face and eyes, but his eye swell up and became red next morning, the doctor treated his eyes with antibiotics. They also were concerned if the bat having rabies. They gave him 5 rabies shots through his tummy, one shot daily for five days.

Any animal can scratch, bite, carries diseases... Just be distant if you watch.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Hawk owl today. It kept an Eye on Lokis as he was chasing rodents in the same area it was scanning for food...