Friday, May 13, 2016

Misc photos

I went to Career Day at North Pole High School this morning. I have a canned lecture on renewable energy in Alaska, plus several KidWind kits that enable the students to try their hand at building wind turbines out of card stock and testing them with fans, tiny generators that generate up to 3V, and voltmeters to see how well they did. I usually encourage them to compete. Today, the highest voltage achieved was 2.8.

Another offering was to meet a foal. I felt the obligation to do so:

I was about to rub his nose, when he decided that it was lunch time:

Fairy slippers appeared in my driveway this morning!


mdr said...

Wow, how beautiful. Are they planted by you or by wind?

Arvay said...

@mdr, they are wild, but I was still surprised to find them along my driveway. I had thought they preferred cool, damp forests.

mdr said...

I cannot remember where I read from and didn't pay much attention then, because our family do not eat Rhubarb. Chinese do not have it so I don't know how to cook it. Anyway, my point is I read somewhere that eating too much Ruhbarb is not good to health. Cannot remember the reason either.

Arvay said...

@mdr, don't worry; it'd be really difficult to eat a lot of rhubarb. It's not a vegetable that you van just stir-fry into your food. It's really sour and can only be used in certain things.