Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Starbuck has a new job!

Starbuckeroooooo passed her temperament screening with Companions, Inc and is now qualified to visit elder care facilities and share her Love with all the people of Fairbanks!

The screener said she was a 10/10! And also that she was remarkably sweet and youthful, for a supposedly grande dame of 9! I replied, "She *is* our young dog! Our older two are 17!"

Starbuckeroo is already highly proficient in elder care:

And she has a surfeit of Love to Share:

I think having a dog as loving as Starbuckeroo is a gift, and it begs to be shared!


e. davis said...

Congrats to Roo on her new job:) Jewel & I also visit elder facilities; a children's home and a hospital in our area - it's a win-win for all involved! Why not share the love our pups so freely give:)

Arvay said...

"Why not share the love our pups so freely give"

What a lovely and concise way of phrasing it! You sure do have a gift with words. :)

gina said...

Congrats to all on Starbuck's new endeaver ! I think it's wonderful

e. davis said...

Thank you so much! :) Wishing all of you an enjoyable weekend:)