Sunday, September 18, 2016

Food report

I finally tried the crazy long-grain wild rice I got from Robertson Trading on my trip to Northern Saskatchewan:

You will observe that it takes an hour to cook. I don't usually take an hour to make dinner; that's why despite my curiosity, I had not gotten around to trying it yet.

When they say "long grain", they do not mess around:

As it cooked, the water turned brown, and disappeared quickly. I used a whopping 4:1 volume ratio of water to rice:

When it was done, the grains cracked open. It was delicious!

In other food photos, a strawberry-rhubarb pie I made a week or so ago:

And here is my current cheese collection:

Life is good!

Starbuck sez, "I like cheese. Do I get cheese?"

The elderly ladies lounging on their bed:


bt said...

That rice and cheese are making me drool!

Vanessa said...

Holy cheese, that's a lot of cheese... As Wallace would say, "CHEESE! I love cheese!"