Friday, September 2, 2016

The cusp of fall on Murphy Dome

Our afternoon hike on Murphy Dome completed our day of enjoying the sunshine!

The fuzzies pondering our route:

And Starbuckeroo takes off down the trail!

Minto Flats. And a several-year-old burn:

Mud. Ugh. This is where we turned back:

Cairns on top of a little dome:


Beasts in repose:

Lovely day!


mdr said...

No signs from the rain storm

mdr said...

Those little lake fish must taste good? I'd rather have salmon because people eat salmon there routinely. Does lake fish have worm inside?

Some fish (Chinese call it yellow fish) I bought from Chinatown had small silvery looking worms inside. I did not see until it being cooked, I threw the dish away and never bought that kind any more. I scrubbed my plate and pan like crazy too.

Arvay said...

@mdr: Alas, I did not get to try their fish. :( I did bring home a bag of wild rice though. Have not tried it yet. It takes an hour to cook.

mdr said...

Thanks. Never eat stuffs uncertain or uncommonly consumed or just odd.
They sell wild rice here in stores. It probably is more nutritious if taking so long to cook because of its brans. Brans is good as long as no loose bowls.