Monday, September 12, 2016

Photos 'round the house

Booger in a sunbeam:

I must squeeze her:

Autumn looking sweet:

I must squeeze her:

Starbuckeroo looking roo-ful:

I must squeeze her:

DL gets squozen no matter what expression he wears:

Here are some food photos I had sitting on my camera.

Leftover rice makes a perfect breakfast fried with green onions, lap chong, and eggs!

Stir-fry... something... for something...


bt said...

We're loving our Sabbatical, but the one thing we're really missing is cooking and eating in. Your photos look like heaven. ESPECIALLY the prepped stir-fry makings. Enjoy!

mdr said...

Love your pictures. Was it a green earring on your right ear? Was it some vegetable shaped earring like broccoli etc.? It would be unique.

Arvay said...

@BT, my little OCD heart sings when I have nice little piles of things for stir-fry. Then I pretend I am on a cooking show and say, "Look! I can make dinner in five minutes!" (because they conveniently ignore all of the time the assistants put into chopping, slicing, marinating, and washing raw meat cutting boards...)

@mdr, those are jade inuksuk earrings. Inuksuks are the piles of stones (we call them "cairns") that people build as trail markers, or to mark a spot for some other reason. I photographed some on our last hike:

Canadian Inuit ones are often shaped like humans, and the human-shaped one is a cultural symbol and is represented on many trinkets and pieces of artwork:

I saw the jade inuksuk earrings in the Vancouver airport and had to buy them because I so like the idea of wearing guides with me. :)

mdr said...

I like it, anything has the name of jade is liked by Chinese. Would you take a picture of the earrings alone later? Never saw it before.