Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cooler weather settling in

I finally learned where these giant leaves come from: Cottonwood saplings!

We are no longer getting our feet and paws wet!

Ice is nice, and it's futile to avoid rutile:

Booger still smiles and bounces around like a puppy, despite the ever-growing tumor that gives her a noticeable limp. She is definitely the queen of Positive Attitude:

Starbuck and DL:

Autumn can no longer join us on longer weekend walks. She walks just a short, relatively flat 2-miler with Booger, Starbuck, and me, then we drop her off at home and trade her for DL. I sincerely hope that neighbors see us both before and after the switcheroo and think that Autumn and DL are the same shape-shifting creature. :)


Hangin' with my WOLF!

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