Monday, October 31, 2016

Squeezy cuddly photos

Charcoal, the huge, stayed with us a few weekends ago. I'm sharing these photos that I think capture his huge-osity.

They all hang out very nicely and make the cabin so cozy!

We also taught him to snuggle on the couch:


Huge! He is huge!

And Starbuck taught him how to act boneless:

Booger! Iz cute!

I am a fan of compression-based affection:

It's the amazing two-headed dog!

The hole where Booger's tumor had burst kept getting bigger and got horribly infected, so the vet debulked the tumor again. Booger is an old pro at this by now. She can even jump on the couch in her cone:

1 comment:

gina said...

I love your four legged people pictures!

Never having lived where it snows and having only visited Alaska in May (twice) your snow pictures (and sounds) captivate me. Thanks for sharing all the photos!