Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet Elderly Ladies preparing to turn in for the night

Sweet elderly ladies. Whenever taking care of them makes me feel tired, sad, or frustrated, I remind myself that it's all a blessing. Not everyone is so lucky to have elderly dogs, or the ability to care for them.

Autumn lies on the bed until DL and I gently climb in on either side of her. We pat her goodnight, and then... she skedaddles to her own doggy bed!

Booger has never slept with me, but she still shoves her face into our faces in the mornings with a big ol' smile! :)

Starbuckerooooooo comes upstairs sometimes to visit, but only sleeps upstairs when Autumn has an episode of lameness or seizure-ish symptoms. Then she'll lie with us until Autumn is better, before returning to her beloved couch.

Ooooooooooh coooooooowwwwwwwwwcccchhhhh...

(And that is a stain from a flavored rawhide there, not a turd smear. Ugh. I need to get those "clear-basted" rawhides from now on.)

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