Monday, November 7, 2016

We are almost there!

Almost enough snow to ski!

Linden is still recovering from her last surgery, and Autumn's heart is still not strong, so the two ladies get a short walk, and then Starbuck and we humans hit the trails. On Saturday, it was snowing!

Starbuck looks like a WOLF!

They harvest trees all summer, but we only go here in winter, when the equipment is mothballed:

Although Rosie Creek had been frozen solid the prior week, it had been warm enough to make some slush and overflow:

Starbuck is soooooofffft and mooshy-gooshy:

It snowed all that night, and on Sunday, Starbuck was happy! Happy! Happy!

The light on top of the ridge was very pretty:

And on the opposite ridge, the sun was out:


The sun!

When it's warm and snowy, snow compresses into ice between the dogs' toes. They are experts at removing it themselves. They are like those self-healing tires on cars. :)

The back side of the ridge is a birch forest:


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