Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter has arrived!

After a two-year hiatus, it looks like winter has finally come to Alaska!


This is what I wore to walk the ladies this morning:

Wool shorts, wool long underwear, running pants, and a down skirt.
A wool base shirt, a fleece shirt, a down vest, and my "light" winter coat.
A neck gaitor, a hat, and my $18-mittens! (I have no idea why my warmest mittens are my cheapest...)
And... a cold-weather headlamp that has the batteries at my waist, so it doesn't blink out in the cold!

The ladies wore their standard fuzzysuits. :)

Cold weather means, time to eat more!

I won second place in the annual Thanksgiving pie contest with an apple-rhubarb pie! For only this occasion, I make a crust with only white flour. I usually make 50/50 whole wheat and white. Said DL: "If you want to win the contest, you have to give your friends diabetes." Haha

Mmm, pie!

We had the leftovers over the next several nights, reheated and served with caramel ice cream! Mmmm!

Starbuckeroo and we humans have been walking the trails on weekends. Our new weekend routine is that Starbuck, Autumn, Linden, and I take a shorter walk (2 miles) first, then Roo and I drop the elderly ladies at home and trade them for DL for a longer walk (our regular loop is a little over 5 miles). It is my sincere hope that some neighbors see us on both walks and think DL is a shape-shifter. :)

Look at that pretty winter light!

We are at the top of the ridge when the sun comes over it:

Roo sez, "I just walked seven miles and look exhausted, but I'll be wagging my tail at the door again as soon as I see a human put shoes on!"

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