Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Photo dump

First, schnozzes!

Booger's schnozz:

Roo's schnozz:

Soooo sofffft!

Autumn's schnozz:

Now, squeezie selfies!

Squeezie selfie with Starbuckeroo!

Squeezie selfie with DL!

Squeezie selfie with Autumn!

Hmmm... no squeezie selfie with Booger?

Well, here is one of Booger cuddling with DL:

Now here are some photos of Alaskan garlic. It's an ordinary-sized bulb:

But each one only has two enormous cloves:

Does anyone know what causes that?


Biting Tongue said...

If the garlic nerds I followed back when I was growing it are to be believed, then it's second round growth after a cold spell that causes multi-heading. According to them, if there's not a sufficient cold season after planting, the planted clove my only cleave once or not at all before the growing season starts back up again in the heat. However, there are also varietals that specialize in minimal heading like elephant garlic. I'm not aware of any varietals that specialize in dual-heading though...

mdr said...

Good teeth. Using the water flosser? My dentist kept on "woo" and "wow" about my gums ever since I started using the water flosser.

Arvay said...

@bt, interesting! Thanks!

e. davis said...

Happy Thanksgiving and anniversary to you, DL and your fuzzies:)

Arvay said...

@mdr, thanks!

@e. davis: Awww you remembered! Thanks! It's now 9 years with Autumn and 3 with DL. :) I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving as well!