Monday, February 27, 2017

As Long as you Love me So...

Last Thursday, I got home early, so started shoveling the fresh snow from our walkways while it was still light. When DL got home, I had finished the walkways, so he did the driveway (by headlamp!) while I went in to cook dinner. Then it snowed all night, so we repeated the routine Friday. Saturday morning, we woke up to a fresh few inches of snow, so DL offered to shovel it while Starbuck and I went skiing, so we accepted the kind offer. :) Then Saturday night, it dumped 6 inches of fresh snow yet again, and the forecast had a "winter weather advisory" and called for blowing snow with gusty winds all day Sunday.

We had to cancel a planned trip to Chatanika to meet three candidate friends for Starbuck at a kennel up there. I had had a lovely day planned--doggie dates and a snowshoe hike in the White Mountains! Then giant cheeseburgers at the Chatanika Lodge! But alas... The musher, who is actually gearing up for the Iditarod, was understanding and agreed that we could try again this coming weekend, even though it would be her last day of rest before hitting the trail!

I had been concerned that she'd question our commitment and have second thoughts about placing one of her beloved dogs with us if we cancelled, but in Alaska, people are very understanding and flexible with regards to weather. It helps that weather is pretty universal and falls on the just and unjust alike. When a coworker calls in sick on the day to do something painful, you wonder. But when a coworker tells you he will be late because he's shoveling his driveway, well you know he ain't lying because you were just delayed due to the same thing!

So Sunday morning, DL, ever the gentleman, offered to start shoveling first AGAIN so Starbuck and I could go skiing. Again, we graciously accepted. :)

Look! We were the first to make tracks, for the second day in a row!

The sky still looked stormy:

Although we could see sun on the hills in the distance:

I've decided that Starbuck will wear her rose in public all the time from now on. She doesn't notice, but I think it's a sign that says "I'm friendly", so that when she approaches people, they are less inclined to be concerned. She also gets petted more, which she loves!

Starbuck loooooooves snnnnnooooowwww!

Then suddenly she gets up, shakes herself off, and stands there looking all dignified-like:

And she runs ahead and looks all WOLFIE!

I mean, if wolves wore roses, anyway:

The light looked gloomy on the ridge:


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