Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chop chop!

Got my triennial haircut yesterday, and I'm sending my braid off today! I feel so good... light as a feather! Although I love my long, shiny hair, it also feels tragically unhip. Chopping it off makes me feel like I've just fled one of those cults that believes in keeping women "old-fashioned". I'm liberated!

How cute is Booger?




The other day, I bought silk flowers and put them on the ladies. Booger's suits her particularly well, I think!

Roo looks like a spanish dancer!

And in other news, this Fall, I will teach what was my second favorite class as an undergrad!

And in other other news, loyal reader and longtime real-world friend DLM sent me this awesome hat! It has SHEEP on it, and she knitted it using wool from Shetland, where she now lives! That makes it awesome in at least six different ways!

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mdr said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures with the hat and the shorter hair, your facial shape looks great with any hair style. I am also proud of your warm heart and smart thought to make use of your shiny beautiful hair that was like your trade mark during your teenage years, .