Monday, February 13, 2017

Linden, Summer 1999 - February 11, 2017

We had to let Booger pup go over the weekend. Surprisingly, it was not her cancerous leg that did her in... she had recovered well from her last surgery. But although new tumors were already growing, kidney failure beat them to the punch. Her degradation was very fast--just one weekend prior, she had been walking the trails with us; the following Saturday, she was not interested in walking at all.

Unlike other old dogs, both she and Autumn remained beautiful and thick-coated to their last days.

Let us remember that even though they were delightful company in their golden years, they are probably having much more fun now reliving their middle age, when we hiked, skied, skijored, and backpacked all over the State of Alaska and then some!

The irrepressible BOOGER!

And now, of course, puppy photos!

Little Booger sampling straw!

And hangin' with her siblings (that's Autumn on the left):

Booger, having just been borned! She was a goober from the very start--lying on her back and waving her paws around!

I hope my ladies have a nice couch where they are, so at the close of every day of running and exploring through the woods and snow, they can sit and watch over us here on earth:

Of course, I had to crunch numbers... She was active for another year after Autumn needed to start reducing her walks, which brings the Booger total to 17,000 miles with me! :D Wow, what an honor to have 17,000 miles of fun and 26,000 hours of sleeping with the irrepressible Booger at my side!

Autumn and Linden were both incomparable blessings! Our vet said he had never seen a 17-year-old husky, and not only did we have TWO, but Booger remained a puppy the entire time!


Sarah Foster said...

Oh I'm so sorry both of your old ladies passed. I loved reading your stories about them and all your adventures. You sure did give them a great life.

e. davis said...

Autumn & Booger were so blessed with long life & had more love than any two Huskies could want:)Thank you for sharing their lives with us. I'll remember them as vibrant & joyful (3rd pic) and in their elder years in repose on their beloved couch. The ladies are together again. Peace be with you Arvay.

mdr said...

I was away and just read this blog. They are now together again and they both had wonderful and long lives, thanks to their human. You gave them the best dogs could ever have. They are watching and wishing you well now.

gina said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures with your four legged family. What a wonderful life they have lived....and to be so loved.

mdr said...

I really really like the 2nd picture, what a representation of you, them and AK life style. Wasn't it in one of your Xmas card before? I have to search for it. LOVE IT.