Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Miscellaneous photo dump

Couch shot!

Cricket paws!

Roo paws!

We had to celebrate Chinese Easter a week behind schedule, since we were in Colorado for Chinese Easter. When we got home, it was then two weeks past Proper Easter, and hams were still half price! Yeeeeeah!

We got a whole ham, hosted nine people and five dogs (maintaining a proper Fairbanks human:dog ratio), and still had absurd amounts of ham! We packed ham home with the guests, ate ham omelettes and sandwiches for a week, made a pot of ham and bean soup, and still have two more gallon ziplocs of ham in the freezer.

I think Cricket likes little people!

The ham! Oh god, the ham!

Here are some photos of the Tanana from my drive to Delta Junction a few weeks ago. One of DL's photography magazines said that bad weather makes beautiful photos. I have to agree!

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mdr said...

The photography magazine knew the best. Those black and white pictures reminded me of the famous Samuel Adams pictures. You took them when you stopped the car, right?! If you got out the car, you made sure no cars zooming by and no animals hidden nearby, really !!!! Thank you.