Monday, May 15, 2017

Um What?

I'm not super sensitive to racism (I happily moved from CA to AK, where I went from dominant culture to minority) but both of these supposedly heartwarming videos of Fairbanks life are off-putting.

Almost all of the people working, playing, demonstrating local daily life are white. Almost all of the Asian and black people are visitors. And the only AK Natives are there on display: Drumming, dancing, doing artwork in costume... It's like they only exist for the entertainment of white people. White people can go look at them and then check off their "learning cultural heritage" box.

"So where are you from?"

San Francisco.

"I mean, where are you FROM?"

San Francisco.

"I mean, what nationality are you?"


"I mean, where are YOUR PEOPLE from?... Ohhh, lovely! I love the Chinese! The Chinese are so smart and hard-working! And the kids are so cute!"


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