Monday, January 28, 2019

Raven meal

During the last super cold snap (-30s), I snapped these photos while walking laps in the parking lot at UAF while waiting for my car to warm up. It looks like a raven snapped up his or her meal here!

See? Little scurrying tracks, and then wingprints and the track ends!

Here is a photo of Cricket's paws:

And of Roo's paws:

Them paws! They are sooooo sofffft!


rena said...

Sometimes when the cats are hanging out on the couch with me I rub their paws. They tolerate it while pretending to sleep...until I grasp one paw in each hand and make them do the Charlie Chaplin potato dance (youtube it if you don't know what I'm referencing). The cats do not enjoy the potato dance....unsurprisingly. But it makes me happy!

Arvay said...

@rena, what tolerant cats you have! I'm amazed!

Anonymous said...

You are so observant, keen observation on wild footings.. I think it is a skill to avoid danger. I wonder if there is any class of wilderness survival to teach "foot prints" and "animal droppings"..