Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Happy Lunar New Year!

Since it falls on a Tues this year, we celebrated last weekend. I can't do weeknight parties any more, in my staid middle age. :)

The day we celebrated was Groundhog Day, so it was doubly fitting since jiao-zhes are filled with ground hog! :D

I made the filling using bok choy instead of napa cabbage. In winter in Fairbanks, it is best not to get too hung up on vegetabular precision... just buy what is freshest when you are at the store! Bok choy is a particularly good substitute for napa cabbage; it also puts out a lot of water, and it cooks down nicely!

Mmmm! In my Chinese New Year invitation, I request N/2 people come early and be wrap stars! Usually, everyone wants to come help, so I relegate some people to doing other food prepwork. 4 of us made 120 of them in only 45 minutes!

Very few of them broke:

Here is my half-cooked chicken. I'm not sure why I photographed it half-cooked!

And here is the spread! MR hand-cut the noodles!

Feeding a friendly crowd!

Roo hung out with her friend, Charcoal!

They are so comfy together!

I make stir-fry nian gao nowadays. I don't like the sweet, sticky blobs! I had forgotten to take them out of the freezer, so I defrosted them on the wood stove!

And I stir-fried them with green onions, baby bok choy, and lap chong:

MR's noodles:


MR's fancy raspberry cake!

Happy New Year! I wish all 12 of my loyal readers a New Year filled with warmth and love!


mdr said...

HAVE A SAFE, HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. I made fish soup (a small carp, turnip, ginger and green onion, top with chopped cilantro) and stir fry "Eight Treasure" (sliced pork, carrot, celery, wood ear, mushroom, baby corn from the can, braised tofu, onion) that my mother used to make annually on new year. Ra liked it. Only three of us eating dinner anyway, so I did not make much of anything else. So hope you were here.

bt said...

That looks delicious! I have some niangao in the freezer, and while I typically make soup, I like the idea of cutting it into noodles! I will have to try that. Thanks for the idea!

Arvay said...

@mdr, that sounds really nutritious and easy for any day. I will have to try it.

@bt, I did not slice up the niangao myself; I bought it in slices like that. It is a Korean product and unsweetened, basically like a denser, oval-shaped version of "fun" (the sticky rice noodles). I also bought an actual traditional New-Year niangao, sweetened and containing dates. It was disappointing... hard as a rock!