Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Snowfall!

Oh yeah, oh yeah! How fast can you run?

Wahahahaha! I'm gonna get her! Only early and late in Winter is snow sticky enough for use in snowballs or snowmen.

I can pack much less water, now that we can eat snow on the trail!

Dan coming up the valley:

Happiness is ripping through the snow with your best buds.

Autumn in her element.

Linden catching snowflakes!

Are they pooped!

The strawberries are a lost cause:

Linden and her feeties!

Two lumps of wabbit:

A cold-weather favorite at our house--pumpkin stew with white beans, caribou sausage, and kale. Sometimes my pumpkin turns to goosh, but it's still darned tasty.

Green onion bread. I am actually getting through our crazy quantities of green onions.


KC said...

Hey, you've been up Ester Dome's trail, right? Where's the trailhead? I wanted to go for a jog, and wanted to try a new place, but I couldn't find it!

Arvay said...

It's across the street from Ann's Greenhouses. Well, that is the very beginning, anyway. If you want to start farther away from civilization, you can drive up Ester Dome Road as far as you like. There are several places where the trail intersects the road. The one closest to the top has the best parking. Then it's just a short jaunt to the top, but of course you can do a down-then-up run instead of an up-then-down.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Your pumpkin soup and green onion bread look scrumptious! I can't believe it's already snowing in September - ouch!

Christy said...

What beautiful snow! We still have about 3 more months before we get any - on the norm. The pups look ecstatic!

Anonymous said...

Your onion bread looks phenomenal. I demand the recipe!


blippir said...

Who is the brown lab? He is clearly having a blast too! Isn't it amazing how dogs have no sense of cold? Wilbur loved the snow in Seattle. He would catch snow balls in his mouth!

Arvay said...

The brown dog is Sam. She is a half goldie, half lab, and she grew up in Montana. That is her mom I am about to cream with a snowball. :)

Green onion bread recipe to come tomorrow. :)

mudder said...

Happy to see you enjoying it. The stew is good to look and for your body.

Walk and Drive Safe on the icy road, make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Those are some darned happy dogs! I must say though, the person about to be creamed with a snowball looks entirely too happy :)

KC: There's also a side trail way past the antennae station that'll take you all the way down to a mine behind Ester. A couple of k's past the powerline dropoff, it is. It's fun on a bike but I wouldn't recommend running it.