Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clean bill of health!

I brought Starbuck to the vet today for a used dog pre-purchase inspection. :) The good Dr. F. commended our idea about the canine succession plan, and thought it was awesome that the three ladies got along so well. I of course whipped out the camera and showed him photos of them together. What new parent wouldn't?

Her only problems are some arthritis in her left back hip, so he gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills that we could use if we ever had any issues. He also recommended doubling her and the elderly ladies' glucosamine to 500 mg, twice per day. No more cutting pills in half! Fine by me. The girls say, "Whatevs".

Dr. F. said, "This is a great dog! You're really good at picking dogs, aren't you?" :~D


Rena said...

But if the pill isn't cut in half, will it be harder to get them to swallow it? Do you wrap the pill in a bit of meat or something?
Also, how does the vet detect arthritis - do they feel for swelling around the joint? If so, how do they know it's chronic and not, say, a minor sprain?
Also, happy to see everyone getting along well.

Arvay said...

The pill is chewable and liver-flavored. I tell them to sit for their treat, and they eat it happily. :) Dr. F. moved her legs around and detected limited range of motion and compressed cartilage in the bad one. He said it felt very typical of a working dog. It was impressive the way he manhandled her. I asked him, "How do you do this with mean dogs?" He replied, "Very carefully."