Monday, April 14, 2014

Starbuck is an off-leash dog now, thank goodness

I was developing a long arm again!

Last weekend we took Starbuck on her first trip to the White Mountains with us. She was a good girl and stayed close, and ran back to us every time we called her. That's better than Autumn and Linden ever were! The only quirk we discovered is that when we were overtaken by faster-moving groups (skate skiers or snowmachiners), Starbuck would lope off with them. I had to call her back and remind her that she's on the old folks' team now. She reluctantly complied. I think she doesn't want to confront her own mortality by admitting to herself that she's on a team with the old ladies. DL says I am overthinking things; that she's just a dog and doesn't think beyond her next meal. But I know better.

The leaders confer on our route:

The weather was gloomy, but the mountains were still beautiful:

And we could still see to the Dome:

Fuzzies out for a stroll:

I got all three of them to stand for a photo, but not together:

Cuddle break time!!

Little old ladies:

Looking South:

Starbuck begging:

Linden being a goober:

Autumn sitting like the sphinx:

Starbuck smiling while hanging out with Linden:

And with DL:

For a brief moment, the sun came out:

Phew! Are they pooped!

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