Monday, April 28, 2014

Notes from here and there

1) Spring is here in earnest.

2) The ice went out (and we didn't win).

3) My yard is almost snow-free:

4) The dowgs are all shedding.

5) #$%&ing mosquitoes are here.

6) Look! Huge adorable fuzzy dog!

6) Linden, the goober dog, is a goober!

6) It turns out you can judge compatibility by how a dude reacts when he sees you swapping out your tires.

Ex: "Oh, let me do that for you. It's a man's job. Go inside." WRONG!

Other ex: "Oh, look at that. See you later!" WRONG!

DL: "I have a cool tool that will make that easier! Oh, and here's a beer." KEEPER!

1 comment:

gina said...

I like your definition of a keeper!
Moosequito time had arrived ? :)