Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lovely day in the White Mountains

It was such a pretty day that H decided to lug her giant camera around:


Starbuck looooooves to run in the snow!

H taking a photo of me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me:

Mousie tracks leading between mousie holes:

Frost growth on trees in a moist area:

My pretty Autumn girl, all comfy in the snow in her thick winter coat:

Linden, the goober:

The sun is not rising very high nowadays:

Not a bad shot with the camera timer! All four fuzzies!

Gee, can you tell which way the prevailing wind blows here?

DL looking like he swallowed the sun:

Goober surveying her surroundings:

And DL doing the same:

The leeward side of the tors, where wind-packed snow drifts had accumulated behind the sheltered vaccum:

DL looking like an Antarctic explorer:

Here are photos from H's camera:


Rena said...

H took some lovely photos of you guys. The frost is beautiful - I've never seen it all layered like that.
wow, D is sure tall. Or did you sink into the snowdrift?
Last night I read an Inuit legend to the Barbarians for a bedtime story. About how Crow brought daylight to the Inuit people - a big ball of bright daylight that he stole from the Southern people. But the ball only has enough energy for 6 months, and then it has to rest for another 6 months. But hte people of the north were okay with that because they'd been living in total darkness before this. 6 months of daylight were a revelation and a precious gift. Neat stuff.

Arvay said...

DL is 6'5".

Sounds like a lovely story! :)

gina said...

Amazing frost crystals

mdr said...

Love all those pictures and what a nice day in the snow country :)