Sunday, November 2, 2014

Notes from here and there

1) Despite early snow, we've had almost none since then and have been unable to ski. However, the trails have been frozen, so being able to talk leash-free walks from the front door has been most welcome!

2) Autumn has grown in her winter coat and says that the couch is getting too warm for her, but she'd still appreciate it if we'd save her spot for her, thankyouverymuch.

3) Linden is ridiculously cute. Why does she look like this? I think she is being manipulative so she can get more cheese.

Does she not have a difficult life? The poor, suffering thing just has to ooze cuteness, or else we might neglect her.

4) Photos from a hike:
The dudes in dudeversation:

Girl selfie!

Starbuck sez, "OMG! Aunty M is an angel!!"

Starbuck loves to plow herself through the snow:

And come up with a snowse:

Here is a rare photo of Linden looking all dignified-like:

This is D2's dog, Naya:

5) Wood-stove omelets!!! I have determined that the maximum allowable outside air temperature at which one can build a fire sufficiently hot with which to cook, without overheating the home, is 15F/-9C.

6) Starbuck cuddle selfie!!!


Rena said...

Omelets look good! If you are a Penzey's spice person, highly recommend Mural of Flavor for your eggs and tuna salads. amazing stuff.

mdr said...

Drink a lot of Warm Honey Lemon Peppermint water....throughout the day

gina said...

Wonderful, happy pictures!