Monday, January 26, 2015

Brrrrrr winter is here!

It was -30F/-34C at my house this morning. However, I overdressed for my run and ended up overheating! Which is almost as bad as being too cold, because to sweat in these temperatures can be very dangerous. When I am in danger of overheating in the cold, I quit my run and walk instead. The ladies are very patient and trot in front of me.

When I got to work, I learned that apparently it was a bit colder in town:

I left the ladies lounging on the couch. It's Starbuck's first indoor -40! I hope she is embracing her retired life. I don't think sled dogs really enjoy quitting working upon retirement, but they sure do enjoy moving indoors and discovering couches!

This is the view from my fancy-pants professorial office window:

The deep cold is kind of pretty, with the soft light dancing on the frost.

I have one of the best offices in the building, if I do say so myself. I'm also in a "friendly" corridor, surrounded by colleagues of whom I an quite fond. My PhD adviser is right down the hall, and although he is retired to emeritus status, he still visits from time to time and tells me funny stories. :)


Rena said...

I can see how you would not want to sweat while running in such temperatures. But it must be very difficult to get the optimum clothing:temperature proportion jeeest right.
In any case that is a very nice office setup you've got there. So you are in the nice office half the week and the other half of the week you are in the temporary shed where you have to wave your arms around to prolong the lighting?

mdr said...

Nice window view. So glad you have a good view and nice environment. Also nice to have JL as your office neighbor. Say hi to him for me.

Arvay said...

@mdr, will do!

@Rena, yes, but thermal control may also be achieved by walking speed. :) Actually, it's this office that has the motion sensors on the lights. The trailer is very energy-inefficient, which is ironic for an energy research facility. Not only are the lights manually controlled, the heating is by space resistive heaters!