Monday, January 12, 2015

Warmest year on record!

2014 was the warmest year on record in Alaska!

Strange times we live in. 2015 is off to a warm start as well. We have enough snow to ski on, but it's challenging and slick. I'm a tad concerned that the dogs might shed their coats early, and then a cold snap will come, and they'll be insufficiently fuzzed up. Starbuckeroo's coat is of a different type from Autumn's and Linden's. Hers is longer and softer and shaggier. On warm days, little damp snowballs collect in the fine furs of her toehawks. On warmer yet days, they melt into ice chunks. She stops and pulls them out with her teeth.

"Talk to the paw!"

"I'm lying here on my pillow. I'm Linden! I... cheeeeeese... where? Who umzzzzzz.... I'm Linden!"

"Oh dear! Terrorists are striking again and carbon capture will not work and I think we're running low on cheese. Oh dear."


mdr said...

any human pictures?

Arvay said...

The bottom one is me. You don't recognize me? Black hair, brown eyes. :)

mdr said...

Oh, my goodness, you turned into a dog?!

Arvay said...

Aren't I pretty?

mdr said...

I still love your human look much much better